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Petr Pešek
Hana Pešková

creators of
amazing memories

Travelling is our lifelong passion, we enjoy discovering new places, getting to know foreign countries and their culture. Each of the trips we have taken has enriched us immensely and opened up new horizons for us. On our trips we love adventures, we love unusual experiences, we are attracted by the sea, mountains, forests and also safari trips. There are still many beautiful places in the world that are worth exploring.

As clients, we felt there was a lot of room to improve individual services, we felt that our vacation is always more enjoyable when everything is going perfectly well and we can enjoy and relax instead of dealing with things that don't work. Our frequent travel in connection with golf led to the establishment of our own travel agency in 2012. We like to prepare products of the highest quality for demanding travellers.

We are used to working with each client individually, we understand the high demands on every detail of the trip. We are a member of the exclusive international association Traveller Made, we choose only the best international partners. The biggest reward for us are the moments when an excited client shares with us his extraordinary experiences on the journey we have prepared.


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