Belmond Orient Express

New routes across Europe


Belmond has announced new routes across Europe aboard its luxury Venice Simplon Orient Express.

The new routes will take you through Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, taking you to the best cities. You can board in Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam or Geneva and it's up to you whether you enjoy a long weekend or a sightseeing tour of Europe. The whole journey will evoke a sense of nostalgia, introduce you to the legendary golden era of travel and offer a peaceful and meaningful experience after a long break from travel. There are several new itineraries to choose from, including overnight stays at the Belmond Hotel in Florence, Tuscany, Paris and more.
Starting this year, you can look forward to 3 new Grand Suites, named after cities whose architecture inspired the overall design of the room.
The Legendary Train consists of 17 original carriages from the 1920s and 1930s, each with its own unique history and atmosphere. But they have one thing in common, these cars have pioneered how international travel can be done in comfort and luxury.
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